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* The cost of title service in Texas is set by law.
With our Contract and Close Package, you will receive
a basic contract AND attorney access plus our title service
at the same price others charge for title service alone.

Attorney Access
Title Service*

Our FSBO Contract & Close Package Includes:

FSBO * Private Sale * Lowest Cost


Do It All Without A Realtor

$ All Without A Realtor!

Save Money By Selling Your Home via a Private Sale in Texas

We can help you sell your home yourself, safely and easily.

We’ve packaged the services of a Real Estate Attorney and a Title/Closing Office to create a low cost turn key solution to allow you to sell your home via a private sale … all without the need to pay a real estate commission.  With our service you can sell your property to a family member, a friend, or to any other type of buyer.  If you are looking for an affordable way to sell your home without a Realtor, please contact us today. 

Private Sale of Real Estate – Texas (major markets)

Selling your real estate by a private sale can save you a great deal of money, but it can also be complicated if you don’t have expertise in Texas real estate. When you are selling your Texas home to a family member or a friend, avoid the high fees charged by a realtor by simply using our Private Sale Contract & Closing package.

With our package you receive a real estate contract suitable for private sales, a title policy (seller and lender policy), and closing services so that your private sale is completed economically and accurately. The best part is you effectively get a real estate contract and access to one of our real estate attorneys for a cost that is similar to just the title policy and closing service from other Texas title companies.

In Texas, title policy premiums are set by the State of Texas and will be the same whether you use our services or those of any other title company or law firm. By using our service, we simply add in a real estate contract and access to one of our attorneys to help paper your private sale and we also get the title policy and closing service that you will need to sell your real estate via a private sale.

If you don’t have a buyer lined up yet…. Let us know! We can also throw in a free MLS listing in DFW and Austin/Central Texas (since one of attorneys also has a real estate broker license).

*Limited to 1 hour per transaction

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What is included in our Service?

  • Real Estate Contract – Suitable for Private Sales

  • Title Policy – provided for the same fee as other title companies

  • Mobile Closings – Closings conducted at your home or our Title offices

  • Access to Attorney – Questions answered by one of our Attorneys*

Private Sale of Real Estate by Hurst & Associates

A Family Business

Jennifer Hurst founded her law firm in 2004 and launched this site in 2018.  Over the years, a good number of her real estate clients came to her for help when they wanted to sell a home or property in Texas to a family member or friends.  Most of these clients did not need a Realtor since they knew the buyer and they wanted a simple and easy way to sell their property.  These clients sometimes struggled with what contract form to use and Jennifer often stepped in to help draft a simple sales contract for no extra charge (other than the normal title fees associated with selling the property.  Jennifer decided to turn this extra valued added service into a formal offer to help other buyers around the state of Texas sell their property via a private sale.

Jennifer is an attorney with a law degree from the University of Houston and an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M university.  Jennifer has relationships with Austin Title, Fidelity National Title, and Alamo title.  She can conduct real estate closing for your private sale in every major market in the State of Texas.

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