TexAgs Q&A: Refinancing

In September - October 2015, we asked users of several forums on TexAgs.com to submit their mortgage-related questions. The questions were great, so we thought we'd share a summarized list of the questions (and their answers) on our website.  We've grouped them into three major categories: Home Buying and General Mortgage Topics Refinancing Questions [...]

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4 Ways to Make Refinancing Work for YOU!

Let’s start at the beginning, by quickly explaining refinancing: this is when you take a step back, assess the loan you currently have for your home, and take out a new one. The new loan pays off the old one and you start fresh, with different terms. On the surface that may seem like [...]

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No Equity? – Still want to Refinance

Homeowners with little or no equity in their homes still have time to take advantage of the Government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program. The HARP program is designed for borrowers with underwater mortgages but who are otherwise qualified and responsible borrowers.  This program allows borrowers to refinance their primary residences up to 105% loan to value [...]

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