Private Sale of Real Estate Q&A

What is a Private Sale of Real Estate? A private sale of real estate is simply a real estate transaction between two family members, friends or other parties  who sell and purchase a property without a Realtor and without listing the property on the MLS system.   In other words, the seller found the buyer themselves without the assistance of a Realtor.

Why should I sell my home or property via a Private Sale? Private Sellers often sell in this manner to save money.  A seller can save up to 6% of the price of their home by not paying a Realtor commission.  Full-service real estate agents commonly charge six percent as a commission for their services (which is how they are paid for marketing your home, negotiating on your behalf, etc)..

How can I a get a real estate contract for my Private Real Estate Sale? Our service includes a real estate contract as well as access to one of our attorneys (up to one hour). Our attorneys can answer basic questions about your transaction and provide the title and closing papers (all for the same Title fees charged by every other title company in Texas).

What is included if I use your service to help me sell my home via a private sale?  

You receive the following services:

  • Real Estate Contract – Suitable for Private Sales
  • Title Policy – provided for the same fee as other title companies
  • Mobile Closings – Closings conducted at your home or our Title offices
  • Access to Attorney – Questions answered by one of our Attorneys*
  • If you don’t have a buyer lined up yet…. Let us know! We can also throw in a free MLS listing in DFW and Austin/Central Texas (since one of our attorneys has a real estate broker license).

Isn’t it more expensive to use a lawyer to help with a Private Sale?  No,  we created this service to help you save money.  Our primary business is providing title and closing services to sellers. We simply added a few other value added services (like providing you a real estate contract, access to an attorney, and the other elements of our program) to our standard title and closing service.  Since title fees are set by the state of Texas and are the same for every other title company in the state, you basically get these value added services for the same cost as what you would pay for just the title and closing services from other Texas title companies.